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Boosting performance – shaping the future

MTZ®-BIOPRO Student Prize

This prize is awarded to the best grammar school graduates in biotechnology at vocational grammar schools in Baden-Württemberg that have a special focus on biotechnology.

Biotechnology is a technology with huge future potential and enormous innovative power, and, as such, will influence developments in a broad range of industries: Progress in medical technology is no longer feasible in either therapy or diagnostics without modern biotechnology methods. In addition, biotechnology and the life sciences affect other industries, including the chemical and energy production industries. Well-trained specialists are the basis for the economic use of biotechnology. In Baden-Württemberg, the first foundation stone is laid with grammar schools that offer biotechnology as a specialist subject. This type of school has existed since 2001.

The MTZ®-BIOPRO Student Prize for outstanding performance has been awarded annually since 2008 to students in biotechnology. The prize is awarded during the graduation ceremonies at the respective schools.

Thomas and Monika Zimmermann are the founders of MTZ®Foundation and sponsers of the MTZ®-BIOPRO Student Prize. © BIOPRO/Krattenmacher

"The establishment of vocational grammar schools with a special focus on biotechnology in Baden-Württemberg inspired the MTZ®Foundation to launch an award for outstanding performance by grammar school students in biotechnology. The MTZ®-BIOPRO Student Prize includes a certificate, a book and a visit to one of the state's biotechnology hotspots organised by BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg," says Thomas Zimmermann, chairman of the MTZ®Foundation. "The prize is intended to promote the teaching of biotechnology in schools as a subject relevant for medically oriented cellular and genetic research. The prize's motto is "Boosting performance – shaping the future", and we hope that it will contribute to motivating students to produce outstanding work at an early stage. We also hope that it will become a key stepping stone on the path to similar university studies and a related scientific career. BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg GmbH is an excellent partner to help us administer this prize."

Biotechnology grammar schools in Baden-Württemberg

By establishing biotechnology grammar schools in 2001/2002, Baden-Württemberg was the first German state to take into account the increasing importance of biotechnology and affirm its innovative power. The new course is expected to strengthen the position of the natural sciences and to boost young people’s interest in biotechnology. Like graduates from other grammar schools, successful vocational grammar school graduates automatically have a general university-entrance qualification. © BIOPRO
Website address: https://www.bio-pro.de/en/service/mtz-biopro-student-prize