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Our services & offers for company founders

Founder Vouchers for High-tech Startups

Most company founders in the high-tech sector have excellent knowledge of their field. However, they usually lack the commercial know-how, business experience or knowledge of regulatory frameworks. Together with our partner Steinbeis-Beratungszentrum Existenzgründung and in cooperation with other network partners, we offer EXI Startup Vouchers that provide technology-oriented company founders with the opportunity to participate in multistage consultations.

Who is the EXI High-tech Startup Voucher aimed at?

People with innovative business ideas from all high-tech areas, in particular the following:

  • Life sciences, biotech, pharma, medical technology, diagnostics
  • Bioeconomy (bioenergy, environmental biotechnology, industrial biotechnology, bioplastics)
  • Industrial technology
  • Electronics, telecommunication, mechatronics, automotive, cleantech, photonics
  • IT (SW/HW/Internet) and the creative industries

The EXI High-tech Startup Voucher is intended for those planning a commercial venture or freelance employment in the high-tech sector in Baden-Württemberg. Newly founded companies, people starting a freelance career, company takeovers, equity stakes in existing companies and franchise holders are considered startup businesses.

As a central point of contact for the healthcare industry, bioeconomy and the life sciences in Baden-Württemberg, we provide advice to company founders in these and related fields. Our partner, Steinbeis-Beratungszentrum Existenzgründung, deals with organisational and all other matters.

The two consultation levels

Initial consultation: Getting things right from the outset

Initial consultation helps entrepreneurial teams accurately assess the viability of their project right from the outset. It focuses on an initial evaluation of the project as well as information on funding opportunities and funding programmes. Initial consultation includes an individual interview to evaluate the startup project and a two-hour introduction to venture development. Participation in this consultation is free of charge.

Basic package consultation: comprehensive support in venture development

Following initial consultation, founder teams with a promising business idea are offered intensive coaching, which provides future entrepreneurs with the opportunity to learn relevant business skills for developing and implementing their growth-oriented start-up. As part of a consulting package, prospective company founders are given the opportunity to learn relevant entrepreneurial skills and directly incorporate them into the development and implementation of their growth-oriented start-up. With the help of coaches, prospective company founders will have the opportunity to discuss their business model/product and develop a resilient business plan. Support in matters relating to financing is also available. The intensity of the consultation depends on individual requirements. Depending on the consulting package booked, a personal contribution is required.

Special consultation: In-depth support in venture development

Subsequent to the basic consulting packages, if required, open topics and questions for the start-up venture or the buisness plan can be dealt with in greater depth within the framework of special consultation.

Topics covered in the consultation

All aspects of business development – from the initial idea to the finished business plan – can be addressed:

  • Product
  • Customer needs
  • Market
  • Competition
  • Unique selling proposition
  • Market entry strategy 
  • Management team
  • Organisation
  • Financial planning
  • Risk analysis

Duration and cost of consultation

Level 1 – Initial consultation: at least 2 hours (evaluation discussion and introduction to venture development) – free of charge

Level 2 – Basic package consultation: at least 4 hours (in-depth evaltuation discussion and introduction to venture development). 140,00 euros, excl. VAT.

Level 3 – Basic packages: depending on the choice of the basic packages by external consultants and accredited coaches or BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg. The personal contribution ist between 70,00 euros, excl. VAT and 400,00 euros, excl. VAT.

Level 4 – Special consultation: by external consultants and accredited coaches. Daily rate: 220,00 euros/day, excl. VAT.

The EXI High-tech Startup Vouchers are sponsored by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Housing with funding from the state and the European Social Fund.

Who are the consultants?

Compact consultation is provided by staff of BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg along with certified partners. Intensive consultations are carried out by accredited consultants from the Steinbeis-Beratungszentrum Existenzgründung and are consisting of current and former managers and entrepreneurs from all technology sectors, who combine industrial know-how with management experience. In addition, coaching will also be provided by specialist consultant pools and internal Steinbeis consultants.

How can I participate?

Please contact our startup specialists and apply for your EXI Hightech startup voucher via the registration form* of our partner, Steinbeis-Beratungszentrum Existenzgründung. Subsequently, the selection of a suitable consultant for your individual consultation needs.

* We guarantee that all personal and business data will remain confidential and is covered by data protection. Only those authorised by the founders, or consultants who have signed a secrecy clause will have access to the business planning activities. All data are exclusively stored on servers in Germany.

Website address: https://www.bio-pro.de/en/projects/general-projects/exi