2018 CEF Telecom Call - eHealth (CEF-TC-2018-4)

Förderung durch
Europäische Kommission

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At June 28, 2018 the Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA) and the European Commission launched the fourth Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) Telecom call for 2018, making €12.4 million available to stimulate and sustain the deployment of European Digital Service Infrastructures (DSIs). Interested applicants from all EU Member States plus Iceland and Norway may submit their proposals through the call open in the areas of eHealth, eProcurement, European e-Justice Portal and Online Dispute Resolution.

CEF Telecom funding supports projects of common interest that contribute to increasing the interoperability, connectivity and deployment of trans-European digital infrastructures across the EU, improving the daily life of citizens, businesses and public administrations, and thereby contributing to the development of a Digital Single Market.

To receive co-funding under the calls, actions must be ready for deployment, contribute to EU Digital Single Market policies and have a long-term sustainability strategy. The funding will be allocated to those eligible proposals which best meet the award criteria as specified in the 2018 CEF Telecom Work Programme and call texts in the areas relevant to this call.

CEF-TC-2018-4:eHealth Priority outcomes

The goal is to ensure adequate and efficient use of the ERN (European Reference Networks) Core Services (Clinical Patient Management System and ERN Collaborative Platform) by the members of the ERNs. Proposals must include at least activity 1 and/or 2, described below, may also include activity 3, and should clearly indicate which activity/activities they are addressing:

  1. Implementation of e-learning/e-training within the ERN through tools provided either by the European Commission or by third parties.
  2. Implementation of one or more new data setsfor disease–specific adaptation ofthe ERN Clinical Patient Management System (CPMS) and/or implementation of measures to improve existing data set(s) quality and data validation.
  3. Acquisition of hardware,software and/or asset maintenance necessary to implement activities 1 and/or 2 above and to ensure the connection of Health Care Providers (HCPs) to the ERN Core Services.

Results expected from the financial assistance

  • Continued use of the ERN Collaborative Platform (ECP) andof the Clinical Patient Management System (CPMS), which facilitate access to highly specialised knowledge and care for patients suffering from rare and severe diseases.
  • Adding new functionalities to the ERN Collaborative Platform and the Clinical Patient Management System, which will create the possibility to collect and analyse clinical data across borders to support public health and research.
  • Promoting the European Reference Networks within the medical community and

    increasing the use of CPMS by generation of targeted knowledge and better adaptation of the CPMS to ERN specific clinical needs.

How to apply?

Applicants should submit their proposal through the dedicated proposal submission system, accessible from the individual call webpages on the 2018 CEF Telecom Calls web page. All call documents and additional background information are also available on the individual call webpages. Please remember that the deadline is 22 November 2018.

When will the grants be awarded?

The evaluation of the proposals to call CEF-TC-2018-4 is expected to start in December 2018. The results of the evaluation and the decision on the allocation of grants should be announced as of May 2019.

Who is the contact point for this call?

The Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA) manages the call for proposals and follows up the technical and financial implementation of the projects with the beneficiaries, providing technical expertise and high quality programme implementation.

A Virtual Info Day on the call and application process will take place on 13 September 2018.


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