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VAXIMM is a privately held, clinical stage, Swiss/German biotech company developing oral T-cell immunotherapies for patients suffering from cancer.
VAXIMM’s technology is based on first-in-class oral T-cell activators using modified attenuated bacteria that can be readily adapted to target a wide range of cancer-related antigens.
The Company’s lead product candidate, oral VXM01, currently in clinical trials, activates killer T-cells targeting tumor vasculature and certain immune-suppressive cells and causes increased inflammation in solid tumors.
VAXIMM completed a Phase I/II trial of VXM01 in advanced pancreatic cancer. Clinical trials are currently ongoing in metastatic colorectal cancer and in recurrent glioblastoma (brain cancer).
The Company has several additional product candidates at various stages of preclinical development. These candidates can be developed as stand-alone therapies or in combination with other immunotherapies, including VXM01.
Investors in our company include: BB Biotech Ventures, Merck Serono Ventures, Sunstone Capital and BioMed Partners.
VAXIMM AG is headquartered in Basel, Switzerland with a wholly owned subsidiary, VAXIMM GmbH (Mannheim, Germany), from where the Company’s development activities are orchestrated, and a laboratory in Regensburg, Germany.

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