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Phytopharmaceuticals are herbal medicines whose efficacy is down to one or several plant substances or active ingredients. They have been used for treating diseases since time immemorial. This traditional knowledge is still the basis for many medicinal products made from plants or parts thereof. Herbal medicines have been produced in Baden-Württemberg for many generations.

Facts and Figures for Baden-Württemberg 2016

The current figures for the healthcare industry are available and have been summarised by BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg GmbH in two flyers:

Medical Technology 2016

Biotech and Pharmaceutical Industry 2016

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Studies have shown that communication between doctors and patients is very important for doctors to be able to give a precise diagnosis and to increase patient acceptance of therapy. Unfortunately, doctors often do not have the time for in-depth conversations with their patients. A new anamnesis software called Idana looks set to change this situation. The software tailors questions specifically to individual patients and helps treating doctors to make a diagnosis of the patient’s disease that is as accurate as possible despite a tight time frame.

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Proteins are the basic building blocks of cells. They tend to be biologically active in combination with many other proteins rather than as isolated entities. Such protein complexes play a key role in many vital processes in our bodies. An international team of researchers, including Professor Stefan Bräse and his team from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), has developed an innovative platform called MultiBacTAG that can be used to engineer recombinant proteins with custom functionalities for biotechnological and pharmaceutical applications.

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Agroforestry systems can provide effective protection against soil erosion caused by wind and water. They can also contribute to stabilising and improving the yield of annual plants. In addition, strips in fields planted with shrubs and trees form living spaces and areas to which plants and animals can retreat. In the AUFWERTEN innovation group, the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO is working with other German research institutions and organisations to set up agroforestry systems in Germany.

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Biotensidon GmbH is on the up. Rhapynal is about to be placed on the market. The company is involved in a 100-million-euro joint venture and was nominated for the German Next Economy Award in 2016. Rhapynal has three components and offers virtually unlimited possibilities for application in the agricultural, pharmaceutical and many other sectors.

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