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Raimund Wenzler GmbH

Raimund Wenzler GmbH has been manufacturing surgical instruments since 1932. The company was founded by Raimund Wenzler and has been managed by his sons Hubert and Gebhard Wenzler since 1984. The production of its high-quality, precision instruments is done both manually and with CAD drawings using CNC machines. Materials used include rustproof steel, titanium and high-quality polymers. Its product portfolio includes micro ear forceps, ear-polyp forceps, instruments for use in neurosurgery and gynaecology, biopsy forceps, rib forceps and gouge forceps. Raimund Wenzler GmbH is certified according to EN ISO 9001.

Medtech CompaniesEndoscopy, Surgical Instruments, Contract Manufacturing/OEM
Website address: https://www.bio-pro.de/en/service/research-institutions/details