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The single-cell printer technology is based on an inkjet printing principle. The printing cartridge is loaded with a cell suspension. Through the micro-nozzle small droplets are ejected that may contain a single-cell. Using a high-speed video microscope and image processing algorithms, droplets containing exactly a single-cell can be identified and printed to a desired target substrate. All void droplets or such that contain more than a cell are sorted out. With this system, cytena provides a gentle, fully automated technology to deliver single cells with high efficiency. The images generated throughout the printing process can be used as assurance that truly a single-cell was printed. In biopharmaceutical industry this assurance is the basis in cell-based production of biologicals like monoclonal antibodies. Scientists and researches use the technology to isolate specific cells from a bulk sample or to separate tumors into single cells. Those are then genetically analyzed and such reveal the tumors composition. This in turn may help to develop effective targeted therapies. Cytena meanwhile is selling its instrument since three years worldwide. Seven of the top ten world leading pharmaceutical companies already have bought a single-cell printer.

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