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In Germany, Teva supplies innovative medicines, branded products, generics and over-the-counter medications, all under one umbrella. This is unusual in the pharmaceuticals industry and therefore makes the company stand out from the rest. At its sites in Ulm and Blaubeuren/Weiler, Teva boasts state-of-the-art production facilities both for chemical goods and for the manufacture of biotechnology medicines. The company‘s headquarters are in Ulm.
Biotechnological preparations are part of Teva‘s future
Since 2006, at the plant in Ulm the company has its own multi-purpose facility for producing biotechnological substances. Teva has established itself as a specialist in the development and production of animal cell cultures. Four biotechnologically-manufactured medicines have been introduced to the German market in the last six years. Teva build on this biotech expertise. In 2016 the company has an investment of a high million sum in the construction of a biotech facility for the production of the latest generation biotechnological agents. Teva will be in a position to manufacture monclonal antibodies for a broad spectrum of indications. And with the new biotechnological manufacture plant the company has the best qualifications for developing biotechnologically manufactured original products or biosimilars. In Germany Teva Biotech GmbaH take the responsibility for all biotechnogical activities.
An international global player
Internationally, Teva is a leading global pharmaceutical company and the world‘s largest generic medicines producer. Headquartered in Israel, Teva achieved a turnover of US Dollars 19.7 billion in 2015.

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