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velixX GmbH

The world of Health-Care Products is getting more and more complex: genomics, multirestances, miniaturization, an increase in chronicle diseases, upcoming infection diseases, cost pressure, more and more regulations, an increase in technical possibilities, cloud computing, …

The Health-Care development of the 21st century is faced with complexity like:
- System interfaces between
- Chemistry – medicine – technology
- Mass production – high precision – low price
- etc.

Convenience and Usability under high cost pressure
- Highly reliable and robustness
- Prevent misuse and handling faults
- Reduce size and cost

Innovative products in this environment need disruptive development processes!
The velixX NextGen Development offers exactly that. Without limitation to the resources of one company, NextGen Development recruits the best experts of each field to find the optimum solution. velixX offers a tailor-made consulting and development process for its customers as a single point of contact.

velixX provides the solutions for:

- The analysis of technical feasibility, project-cost and Cost-of-Goods
- Technical Reviews and optimization
- Upscaling and Industrialization of disposables
- Development projects as a One-Stop-Shop
- Fast and highly target oriented development, time and cost effective
- Controlled processes fulfilling MDR and FDA requirements

Biotech Companies, Medtech Companies, In-vitro Diagnostics, Diagnostics
Website address: https://www.bio-pro.de/en/service/details