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Vektor Pharma TF GmbH

Vektor Pharma TF was founded in 2009 by two mechanical engineers and two pharmacists. From the start, the objective was to modernise existing technologies and to implement new ideas in the manufacture and development of transdermal systems.

Using intelligent formulation technologies we have investigated generic and new substances and developed these into efficient transdermal systems, which are undergoing clinical trials.

In 2014 there are three comprehensive generic projects under contracted development.

By 2011 we had overhauled the standard production technology and were in a position to realise developments and manufacturing more efficiently. In 2014 we launched a new development that has been specially designed for the US market.

Since 2012 we have been offering pharmaceutical analysis and product approval within the scope of a pharmaceutical manufacturing licence.
Our services are now in demand all over the world. More than 50 % of our turnover is generated outside the European Union – in the USA and Asia, for example.

In 2014 Vektor has 13 staff working on formula development, analysis and mechanical engineering.

We consistently pursue our vision of seeing transdermal systems in every home medicine cabinet by accessing markets for new substances and applications through our technologies.

2015 Vektor received an EFRE grant, which is based on Vektors efforts and investments within a local area outside industrial hubs.

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