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ORPEGEN Peptide Chemicals GmbH

For 25 years now, ORPEGEN Pharma GmbH is striving for both, innovative research and industrial applications of highest quality and reliability. ORPEGEN has a long standing expertise in producing recombinant proteins by mammalian and insect cell expression systems.

ORPEGEN Pharma is a contract manufacturer for active biopharmaceutical ingredients (bio APIs) such as proteins and peptides using know-how in biotechnological recombinant protein production as well as in peptide chemistry. We offer the whole package starting from cloning up to protein GMP production along with highly sophisticated analytics. We offer cell line optimisation, up-scaling, various fermentation platforms for GMP compliant adherent & suspension cell culturing with manufacturing capacities up to 5,000 L harvest, down-stream processing along with in-process controls.

In our portfolio are analytics for early and late stage clinical trials, packages of sophisticated and custom-tailored methods for in-process controls and product release, validation of the optimised method according to ICH guidelines and routine lot release testing. Our immunology/cell biology department offers immunological in vitro test systems, bioactivity assays, flow cytometry and cell based assays for drug screening and target validation.

We perform DNA cloning, DNA & RNA characterization, development and testing of recombinant expression systems, GLP/GCLP-compliant quantification of DNA and host cell protein in pharmaceutical products.

Our MHC class I Tetramer technology for diagnostic and therapeutic use is applied in monitoring of T Cell responses in viral infections, cancer research, transplantation & vaccine development.
In our Peptide and Protein Chemistry departments we perform pharmaceutical bulk manufacture of peptide drug substances, contract R&D, peptide and protein analytics and stability studies on active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).

- Recombinant Proteins (Glycoproteins etc.)
- Immunotherapeutics
- Peptide Hormones
- Pharmaceutical Peptides (mg-kg)
- Diagnostic Kits
- Class One MHC-Tetramers

Biotech CompaniesAnalytics, Proteins/Peptides, Contract Manufacturing/OEM, Contract Research & Development, Small Molecules
Website address: https://www.bio-pro.de/en/service/details