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Herolab GmbH Laborgeräte

Herolab GmbH Laborgeräte of Wiesloch in Germany manufactures innovative products for Life Science research, diagnostics and production since 1979.
The Company's centrifuge division offers a number of different high speed models from universal benchtop centrifuges, under-bench models, floor standing centrifuges on rollers and extra-large centrifuges up to 6 x 1000 ml volume. Models with refrigeration are also available.
For laboratory work with solvents optional inert gas flushing systems can be included. Special robotic centrifuges can be produced according to customer specification when required.
A wide choice of Heroalb manufactured centrifuge tubes and bottles using different high quality plastics is available for all centrifuges in the range and other brands. Additionally, Heroalb can offer to produce plastic labware for specific customer requests.
The Company's Gel documentation division has a number of different models for chemiluminescence and fluorescence applications for the imaging of gels and blots. These systems all feature high quality Scientific Grade CCD cameras for superb imaging results. Analysis is provided by the E.A.S.Y Win software.
The Herolab UV Products division range includes PCR workstations, UV radiation systems for crosslinking or tissue culture studies, transilluminators, UV handlamps/analysis lamps and germicidal lamps.

Biotech Companies, Medtech Companies, In-vitro Diagnostics, Analytics, Devices
Website address: https://www.bio-pro.de/en/service/details