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HB Technologies AG

HB Technologies AG is one of the most well known companies in developing customized software in the fields of medtech and biotech. Based in Tübingen, the company has expertise in consulting and developing technical software solutions. HB Technologies has a wealth of experience in the mentioned fields through the successful implementation of over 530 projects since its foundation.
We are a reliable partner and a software expert for automated manufacturing processes in industry and research laboratories, as well as laboratory instruments in general. Moreover, HB Technologies AG is a competent partner for questions about development, programming and testing of software and electronic components. A separate unit was established for more than over four years, covering microcontroller and programming in C/C ++.
Since 2008 the INTAVIS Bioanalytical Instruments AG, located in Cologne belongs to the HB Technologies AG as a subsidiary. The product lines of INTAVIS AG include laboratory equipment with a focus on peptide synthesis and in-situ-hybridization. Furthermore INTAVIS AG offers custom peptide services and distributes resins from their laboratories in Tübingen.
HB Technologies covers the following modules
• Production Software, Process Optimization for industrial research and production facilities e.g. for Oligonucleotide, Peptides and Antibodies 

• Workflow Management Software for industrial and research labs to 
optimize the existing processes 

• Engineering and Manufacturing for instruments and devices together 
with a partner network 

• OEM-Software Partner for different challenges and applications on the 
Life Sciences sector 

Biotech CompaniesBioinformatics, DNA/RNA, Proteins/Peptides, Contract Manufacturing/OEM, Biotech Services

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