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CELL CONCEPTS GmbH is a private owned Biotech company, founded as a trading enterprise in 1992. The company is located in the Upper Rhine Valley 12 km far from Freiburg - between the hills of the Black Forrest and the vineyards of the Kaiserstuhl. In order to supply the cell and tissue research community in the academical, clinical and industrial life sciences market CELL CONCEPTS GmbH offers a high quality and well documented cell culture and tissue research tools and reagents portfolio and additional contract service activities in development and production of customer specified requests in this field. The product portfolio combines tools for research applications, to grow and develop cells and tissues in their typical microenvironment, to stimulate their differentiation and life function and to analyse or manipulate their metabolism. Since 1998 CELL CONCEPTS GmbH is industrial project partner in the EU research program for bioartificial pancreas tissue and organ development.

Biotech CompaniesDNA/RNA, Proteins/Peptides, Contract Manufacturing/OEM, Microbiology, Laboratory Supplies/Reagents
Website address: https://www.bio-pro.de/en/service/details