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Affimed GmbH

Although the human immune system is normally capable of recognising foreign or aberrant cells, cancer cells have acquired highly effective ways to escape immune surveillance. As a result, immune cells such as NK cells (a part of the innate immune system, the first line of defense) and T cells (a part of the adaptive immune system, the second stage defense system) cannot recognise tumour cells as foreign or aberrant and therefore cannot fight them.

To overcome these limitations, we have developed a technology that disables the tumours’ evasion mechanisms and activates immune cells, triggering an integrated immune response mediated by both innate and adaptive immune cells.

Leveraging our proprietary, next-generation tetravalent antibody platform, we have developed a pipeline of promising clinical and preclinical bi- and trispecific antibody product candidates for which we retain global commercial rights.For more information, please visit www.affimed.com.

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