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4base lab AG, advanced molecular analysis

The 4base lab AG was founded in 1996 and holds excellent expertises in molecular cloning and gene analysis of human pathogens. As one of the first biotech companies in Germany, 4base lab operates its enterprise in compliance with the quality management standard as specified by the DIN EN ISO 9001. 4base lab is an approved and accredited testing laboratory for drinking water analysis in accordance with DIN EN ISO 17025. Facilities include S1/L2 labs as well as strictly controlled PCR labs. 4base lab is also approved by regulatory authorities to analyse animal samples for epizootic diseases. Since 2006, 4base lab was also authorized by the Regierungspräsidium Tübingen to perform GMP com- pliant services for biopharmaceutical drugs, especially for innovative RNA-based cancer therapeutics.

4base lab offers an extensive expertise in the development and validation of customized qNAT assays. GMP compliant methods for biodistribution analysis of DNA-/RNA targets in tissue samples, detection of residual vector DNA or E. coli DNA in preclinical drugs are available for the pharmaceutical industry.
Ultrapure human BAC-DNA and genetic stability testing are additional services for diagnostic manufacturer.

4base lab offers a wide range of molecular and microbiological services including for the detection of nucleic acid contaminants or pathogens in pharmaceuticals, consumables, food, water, human or insect samples.

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