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Q-bios GmbH

The Q-bios GmbH was founded in 2009 as a spin-off out of the Institute for Molecular and Cell Biology, Department of Biotechnology of the Mannheim University of Applied Sciences. Q-bios provides products and services for the the Life Sciences including the biotechnology, pharmaceu- tical and diagnostic industries. The success and competence of Q-bios is based on the two company co-founders broad knowledge and long time experience in microbiology, molecular and cell biology, genetics, medical genetics and protein analytics. This allows for customer specific solutions and consultancy.
Q-bios offers custom made recombinant peptides and proteins produced in bacteria, yeast, insect cells or mammalian cells. Recombinant proteins are available at purity grades of at least 98% and are well suited for antibody development or biological assays. Further services are cell line development and cell line amplification, the development of protein or nucleic acid based assays (i.e. ELISA, IFT, PCR, cell culture assays) or kit developments.
Q-bios major product line are variant Taq DNA polymerases of highest quality, including DNA-free polymerases and various PCR Master Mixes for regular PCR, HotStart PCR and qPCR/Real Time-PCR. Taq DNA polyme- rase is sold in bulk in 5U/μl formulations or in high concentrations ranging from 15U/μl up to 50U/μl. We also offer glycerol-free DNA polymerases. All polymerases and Master Mixes can be purchased as OEM products.
Many of our products are intermediates and are used by nationally and internationally acting diagnostica companies. Furthermore, Q-bios offers teaching and training in molecular and cell biology and different relevant techniques.

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