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immatics biotechnologies GmbH

Immatics is a leading cancer immunotherapy company and the global leader in the discovery of novel targets for various types of cancer immunotherapies.
Such immunotherapies have the potential to revolutionize cancer treatment and offer patients significant improvements in the length and quality of their lives compared to today’s therapies. Our goal is to deliver a step change in cancer treatment through the introduction of novel and highly innovative new therapies that use the body’s own immune system to fight cancer.
Our products work by specifically activating and redirecting a patient’s immune system to recognize and kill cancer cells through the recognition of our novel and proprietary targets.
In designing our immunotherapies we employ a unique and rational approach based on novel, relevant and highly specific cancer immuno- therapy targets identified using our world-leading target discovery en- gine XPRESIDENT®. This platform enables the discovery of targets from amongst the full and vast array of cell-surface and intracellular proteins expressed by a cancer cell.
Thus, Immatics is in a pivotal position in the rapidly evolving cancer immunotherapy field and uniquely positioned to take advantage of all high-potential opportunities in cancer immunotherapy.
Immatics currently has a broad pipeline of cancer immunotherapies in clinical and preclinical development for the treatment of a range of solid tumor types with high unmet medical need.

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