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nadicom GmbH - Gesellschaft für angewandte Mikrobiologie mbH

nadicom GmbH is a leading international operating GMP-certified biotech company specialising in the identification and characterisation of bacteria and fungi in pure cultures, environmental samples and complex mixed cultures.
Our company is active for a variety of industries, mainly in the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics and agricultural sector.

For the identification of micro-organisms, the most modern genetic methods are applied. Qualitative identification of pure cultures is carried out via PCR-based methods. To exactly identify micro-organisms, nadicom’s exclusive validated database “tree by nadicom” containing more than 45,000 entries, is applied.

For the root-cause analyses of microbial contaminants we offer Genotyping. In this sector we have established various validated methods of DNA-fingerprints for bacterial and fungal strains.
In recent years, nadicom has also expanded into the agricultural and horticultural sectors and has applied its in-house microbiological expertise develop yield enhancing composts and nitrogen-fixing organisms. Our rhizobia strains are currently sold under the brand name rhizo power® and are used as legume seed coatings by seed suppliers in Europe.
Our services are completed with educational seminars for laboratory personnel in industry and secondary education and consultation in the field of microbiology and environmental monitoring.

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