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AnDiaTec Division Quidel Germany GmbH

Our company was founded in the summer of 2003 by virologist Christoph Metzger- Boddien, PhD, and by developmental geneticist Johannes Kehle, PhD.

Development, production and distribution of in vitro diagnostics enclose antibody- and antigen detection systems basing on ELISA and other immunological methods and PCR-based detection systems (e.g. PCR-ELISA and real time PCR).

Further cooperations with universities in Germany and other countries allow an permanent interchange of expert experience and knowledge.
In our lab we develop and manufacture innovative in vitro diagnostics for human and veterinary application and also for food industries and environmental purposes according to DIN EN ISO IEC 13485.

Our human medical test systems are produced according to EU in vitro directive 79/98 and are CE-labeled.

Detection systems for the veterinary sector are currently licensed according to § 17 TierSG (German Law).

Tests for food analysis comply with § 35 LMBG (German Law).
There is excellent know-how in analytics and diagnostics available in our lab, which is also accredited according to DIN EN ISO IEC 17025.

We perform services in human and veterinary diagnostics and food and evironmental
We are consultants of the WHO in an Enterovirus diagnostics project in India.

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