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AmbiGate GmbH

AmbiGate GmbH is a spin-of of University Tübingen and the BMWi supports the company in the area of motion detection and analysis. In its main project „e-Reha“, a 3D sensor based therapy system for the home environment and the in-plant health care, is developed. Crucial are novel KI, and sensorimotor algorithms, that for the first time quantize progress in order to achieve more efficient courses of therapy. Health insurance companies, clinics and the largest Therapy Association are already behind the project. The open system will be available nationwide and also allows other companies quickly and conveniently via the e- rehabilitation network to offer their eHealth products. To accelerate their development processes AmbiGate provides ist toolboxes. The medical infrastructure incl. Compliance with privacy policies, certifications and safety issues is also provided. For the occupational health care, the company is looking for interested companies who want to work with an innovative, cost-effective and motivating system. Here AmbiGate already won a major automotive supplier based in southern Germany as a partner. The knowledge to implement Human Machine Interfaces, the company offers as a service. This covers beside the eHealth market also marketing solutions or industry 4.0 projects.

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Website address: https://www.bio-pro.de/en/service/details