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ICW InterComponentWare AG

InterComponentWare AG (ICW) is an international eHealth specialist that develops and markets components enabling the safe and reliable communication between doctors, pharmacists, hospitals, health insurance companies and patients.

LifeSensor Personal Health Record:
The personal health record LifeSensor contains each patient's own medical data. The patient may allow doctors to access the data and make modifications whenever they need to.

Telematics Infrastructure:
ICW has developed components of the telematics infrastructure necessary for the implementation of the electronic health card. It has also provided advice to the German government on the introduction of the electronic health card and is a partner in the Austrian eCard project.

ICW ProfessionalGate - Infrastructure solution for hospitals:
In clinics and hospitals, ICW combines currently isolated systems of different manufacturers and integrates them across hospitals.

Praxis4More - Infrastructure solution for doctors:
ICW combines existing physician practice management systems with the electronic LifeSensor health records and enables the exchange of health data across physicians' networks.

ICW was founded in Walldorf in 1998 and has subsidiaries in Cologne, Berlin, Zurich, Vienna, San Mateo/USA and Sofia. ICW employs more than 400 people worldwide.

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