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TETEC Tissue Engineering Technologies AG

TETEC® is a pharmaceutical biotech Company located in Reutlingen, Germany, manufacturing autologous cell cultures for human tissue regeneration. TETEC® Ltd. was founded in the year 2000 and converted into a corporation in summer 2002. Our team consist in a interdisciplinary group composed by orthopaedic surgeons, biologists, pharmacists, biochemists and technicians. We manufacture our products in highly modern and steril laboratories. We own an autorization in accordance with the local guidelines for the manufacture of medical products. In addition we work in compliance with the principles of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practise). Our
products are NOVOCART®, NOVOCART® 3D and NOVOCART® disc: high-quality autologous chondrocyte transplants for treatment of full thickness, circumscribed cartilage defects and intervertebral discs.
Products of the NOVOCART®-family are the first autologous chondrocyte products on the market which meets the high-quality criteria of the German Society for Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery (DGU and DGOOC) concerning autologous chondrocytes transplants entirely. In cooperation with B.BRAUN-AESCULAP®, a world renowned manufacturer of medical products, we guarantee an excellent distributional network for our products in whole Europe

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