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Verapido Medical GmbH

Verapido Medical is a clinical-stage medical device spinout from HSG-IMIT (www.hsg-imit.de) with an innovative, patent-protected platform technology for intradermal delivery of drugs and fluids for drug targeting of the skin, immune and lymphatic system. Verapido develops medical devices for intradermal injection and infusion for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and biotech industry that have a demand for intradermal drug delivery systems.
Product Candidates/Markets:
1. Intradermal Injection Set “Veraject” for
a. Vaccines: Tumor vaccines, influenza, etc.
b. Aesthetic dermatology: dermal fillers, botox
c. Animal health: vaccines, ambulant injections by pet owner
d. Lifecycle management: intradermal reformulation and improvement of biotech drugs threatened by patent expiry
e. Mesotherapy: intradermal injections in alternative medicine
f. Sentinel lymph node mapping: Every primary breast cancer and melanoma surgery 2. Intradermal Infusion Set for
a. Insulin infusion
Unique Features:
Verapido’s product candidates are robust and reliable, unrivaled for certain applications and the only existing solution for intradermal delivery of large volumes and for long infusions. It is the only technology with a flat and long injection channel into the skin and is characterized by excellent sealing properties and low manufacturing costs.
The company is in the EXIST Transfer of Research grant program from the German Ministry of Economics and Technology.

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