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BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg

Central contact point for biological transformation

BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg supports companies that are involved in activities related to transformation. We focus in particular on issues relating to how the use of climate-neutral raw materials - including aspects of the circular economy - and the use of biological or bio-inspired processes and procedures can contribute to the sustainable positioning of your company.

The future viability of companies will largely depend on whether they succeed in positioning themselves in a sustainable way. In addition to efforts to make energy supply climate-neutral, it is also important to look closely at the materials used for products, packaging and production processes. This is where BIOPRO's expertise comes in: we are your contact in the field of biological transformation if you need ideas or cooperation partners as you seek to innovate. We are also available to support you in the brainstorming processes. Additionally, we are happy to support regions that want to set out on the path to rethinking carbon cycles for products that do not derive from fossil carbon sources. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our contact persons.

The establishment of the transformation contact point is funded by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Economics, Labour and Tourism.

News on the topic 'Biological Transformation'

Climate protection and sustainability in hospitals

The healthcare sector is not only facing major challenges in dealing with the consequences of climate change on human health, but it also needs to make a concrete contribution to reducing its own greenhouse gas emissions. Analyses show there are many opportunities to make medical care more sustainable, especially in hospitals’ daily routines. This is where the Heidelberg University Hospital and the viamedica foundation from Freiburg come in.


Worldwide, the health sector is struggling with the consequences of global warming, but fatally is itself responsible for a significant proportion of greenhouse gas emissions. Studies show that hospitals and rehabilitation clinics in particular have great potential for reducing these emissions and, like the manufacturing industry, need to fundamentally revise established processes.

Press releases

  • Press release - 21/10/2022

    Mobil bleiben und produzieren, ohne die natürliche Regenerationsfähigkeit der Erde zu überfordern, das ist der Anspruch des InnovationsCampus Mobilität der Zukunft (ICM) am Karlsruher Institut für Technologie und der Universität Stuttgart. Fast 300 Forschende in gut 60 Forschungsprojekten und 40 -instituten arbeiten hier an Elektromotoren ohne Seltene Erden, neuartigen Fertigungstechnologien und selbstlernenden Software-Systemen für Fahrzeuge.

  • Press release - 21/10/2022

    Remaining mobile and producing without overtaxing the earth’s natural regenerative capacity: That’s the aim of the Innovation Campus “Mobility of the Future” (ICM) at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and the University of Stuttgart. Here, in about 60 research projects and 40 research institutes, almost 300 scientists are working on electric motors without rare earths, novel manufacturing technologies, and self-learning software systems…

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