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PromoCell GmbH

For more than a decade PromoCell has been a reliable supplier of biomedical products to research and industry. We are an ethically responsible partner in all areas of cell culture research and associated specialist fields. Due to the quality of our product range and the reliability of our advice and service, we are now the leading European manufacturer in the field of primary human cell culture.
Serum- and protein-free PromoCell media open up new opportunities in the areas of tissue engineering, protein expression and process standardisation within cell culture. With the PromoKine product line, which includes cytokines, growth factors, ELISAs and antibodies, we can also meet the needs of immunological research.
Customers are invited both to consult our advisory service and to visit our PromoCell Academy, to take full advantage of our extensive expertise. It will be rewarding for us to know that we have contributed to your success.
PromoCell is now active globally, with own sales representatives and a distribution network spread across many countries.

Our Sales Philosophy
PromoCell has specialists in your field. You can be offered skilled advice on choosing and applying the correct PromoCell product. In addition this knowledge will be delivered to you in your own native language.

For this purpose and for your convenience we have established the Cell Line (free phone line) in France, Germany the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

We Welcome Your Requests and Suggestions
Our current programme is the result of your wishes and suggestions. PromoCell is committed to providing its customers, at all times, with appropriate and innovative solutions to their queries, in the form of both products and technical support. Your satisfaction with PromoCell products will be guaranteed through a dynamic interaction with ourselves.

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