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Sensovation AG is part of the Miltenyi Biotech group of companies and acts as a world leading OEM partner for the design and production of Smart Imaging Solutions. Many years of experience and outstanding expertise in optics, electronics and software development have made Sensovation to a one stop supplier of customized Research and In Vitro Diagnostic instruments.

A platform for automated, digital microscopes is provided by Sensovation: A selection of functional modules can be combined to implement brightfield and/or fluorescence microscopes, using an upright or inverted architecture. Together with the customer the right product is identified and implemented, tailored to the needs of the application and the market.

For example Sensovation’s SensoScope® Brightfield is an innovative microscopy system for the pathology market. As a fully integrated, motorized digital microscope, it combines the advantages of conventional microscopy and the digital world in one desktop instrument.

For the field of diagnostics and clinical research Sensovation offers solutions for Multiplexed Diagnostics to enable simultaneous measurement of several parameters in one sample. The SensoSpot® product line includes Microarray Analyzers for colorimetric and fluorescence detection in 96-well microtiter plates, on microscopy slides, biochips and other formats.

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