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MetaSystems Hard & Software GmbH

Since 1986, MetaSystems has been developing and manufacturing systems for automated microscope based imaging for cytogenetics, pathology, toxicology, microbiology, forensics, and other fields of appli- cations. Our close communication and relationships with our customers have been an essential part of the MetaSystems philosophy; the last 30 years have proven that this is a successful strategy. From humble beginnings, MetaSystems has grown into a leading solutions provider while still being connected to our roots as an employee-owned, innovation-driven company.
MetaSystems takes pride in the fact that it has been independent from sponsors and external investors for the entirety of its existence. As a result, we now look back on a history of unrivaled continuity. Our pro- ducts are subject to constant advancement, and our customers benefit from uninterrupted update and upgrade paths – even for installations completed in the early years of the company‘s operation.
More than 7,200 MetaSystems devices, installed in over 2,000 laboratories, in 92 countries, are being used to optimize the workflow of our customers. Our global presence has only been made possible with the help of the many dedicated MetaSystems‘ business partners who are established across a number of subsidiary offices outside of Germany to support our clients in their regions.

Biotech Companies, Medtech Companies, In-vitro Diagnostics, Imaging Techniques, Analytics, Bioinformatics, DNA/RNA, Diagnostics, Devices
Website address: https://www.bio-pro.de/en/service/research-institutions/details