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The company OPASCA, founded in 2011, has extensive expertise in the field of multimodal environmental sensing. Features within the OPASCA Smart-EnvironmentsRT, currently developed for and primarily applied in radiotherapy, correspond with - and partly outstand - the optical and acoustic state of the art. Aside from highly optimized live-sensor data-evaluation, the company’s key competences include the development of hardware components for data acquisition and data processing. Since its foundation, OPASCA established itself as technology- and brand leader for Smart-EnvironmentsRT in the field of radiation therapy. The OPASCA Smart-EnvironmentsRT is the everyday comprehensive solution for clinical facilities, ensuring safety and security for every person in the hazardous area without compromise, aiming for a sustainable increase in the patients’ well-being to ensure a positive individual therapy success, and supporting staff in their everyday workflow.

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