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Computomics GmbH

Advanced Sequencing Data Analytics for Crops

Computomics was founded to bring the latest bioinformatics discoveries directly and efficiently to industry applications. Our machine learning methods elucidate higher-order correlations in ever-growing data.

We deliver insights from large-scale datasets to enable data-driven decisions in plant breeding and plant protection companies. This allows our clients to focus on domain-specific and accelerate their development.

Our results, visualizations and interpretations are used by researchers, by bioinformaticians and by quality managers. Computomics helps them navigate the complexities of grain, vegetable, fruit and other genomes.

Sequencing and other high-throughput methods have become affordable even for large, complex crop genomes, but data interpretation remains a challenge. Our expert scientists help our clients obtain the information they need from large datasets to accelerate their breeding pipeline that normally takes 12-18 years for a new variety to be market-ready by taking 3-6 years off this development time when our methods are used throughout. An earlier time-to-market grants our customers a competitive advantage.

We also help clients understand the complex interactions between plants and their surrounding microbial communities. Microbes support plants in the soil to take up essential nutrients and are also present above the ground on leaves and fruits. We characterize the gene space of the metagenome and provide our clients with answers about plant-pathogen interactions and nutrient uptake.

Computomics embraces the social, ethical and environmental principles of the United Nations Global Compact.

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