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New Analytics of Liquids and Digitization for many industries Each liquid has a specific infrared spectrum, individual as a fingerprint or a DNA. With AquaSpecTM any liquid is analysed with previously unattained reproducibility of measurements, accuracy and detection sensitivity. All compounds are detected at once and digitized. The information is stored in a BIG DATA Storage for further evaluations. The analyse is easy (no special skills required, no sample preparation), fast (result in less then 3 minutes), reliable (one liquid -> ten AquaSpecTM analyzer -> one result), flexible, automated and best in class price performance ratio.
Liquids with concentration in ppm range can be analysed. By sample pre- paration results in the sub ppm range can be achieved. The usage can be online, at-line or off-line and is suitable to solve quality problems at many places in the processes and development in many industries.
Digitization of Liquids
An absolut must for the digitization of liquids is: the measurement method must be location independent reproducible, comparable and deviceindependent results and the detection of complex mixtures without sample preparation.
AquaSpecTM fulfills the conditions completely and will enable setting up Big Data. These capabilities offer completely new possibilities in the con- trol and optimization of processes and costs.
Areas of Application
PAT & Manufacturing QC, Pharmaceutics , Industrial Liquids, Food, Fermentation, Anti Counterfeiting, Toxicology, Galenics, Process Control, Quality Control of Raw Materials, Protein-ligand Interaction, Environmental Protection, Doping Control, Animal Experiments and Consumer Goods.

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