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BEC was founded in 2003 by Matthias Buck, while still in his student days. Since 2007, Reutlingen has represented the center and the heart of the company, in 2014 BEC founded an subsidary in Atlanta / USA (BEC Corp.) for the projects in the US market. BEC has grown to become a true success story. Today, it offers an entire range of solutions: from project and installation planning, to design, production and assembly, including research, industrial robotics and medical solutions for radiotherapy. BEC is a medical device manufacturer certified by ISO 13485.
Through the years of work for well-known industrial and research institutions, BEC has in particular in the field of human-robot cooperation and interaction on a very broad technology base. The biggest challenge in this area is to meet the electrical and mechanical safety requirements that arise when man and machine come into close interaction.
BEC combines a highly motivated and well-integrated team of skilled engineers, ambitious project managers and helpful customer service agents to provide cutting-edge technology. Our creative and highly qualified team and long-standing partnerships with suppliers and collaborators are the key elements enabling us to achieve our objectives and to serve our customers’ needs.

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Website address: https://www.bio-pro.de/en/service/details