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Axxam GmbH

The Hit Discovery Constance GmbH (HDC) offers services in the areas of high throughput screening and compound logistics for the life sciences industry, academic institutions and research centers.

HDC’s expertise covers assay development, high throughput screening (HTS) with conventional biochemical, cellular and radiometric readouts, phenotypic screening supported by automated microscopy (high content screening), as well as storage and management of small molecule libraries. Three fully automated HTS systems are available at the HDC, as well as a fully automated REMP substance store with a capacity of 50 million probes at -20°C. The HDC offers testing of customer substance libraries. In addition, a proprietary library of 240 000 carefully selected low molecular weight substances is being made available for customers. The enterprise is a joint venture of the Lead Discovery Center (Dortmund, Germany), the Centre for Drug Design and Discovery (CD3, Leuven, Belgium) and Axxam (Milan, Italy).

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