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AUCTEQ Biosystems GmbH

Aucteq Biosystems – The (R)evolution of bioreactors
Aucteq Biosystems is a startup company which was in its pre-founding phase in 2016 and is planned to be founded in 2017.

We are developing a complete new kind of bioreactor with unique and special features to simplify and optimize eucaryotic cell culture processes. The aucteq bioreactor is the next milestone in the evolution of all bioreactors since it combines all advantages of single use technology with the unique aucteq feature.

Our vision is the development of a culture system that allows the user to save working time, materials, plastic waste, and additionally reduces contaminations which might be induced during the passaging steps contained in the expansion process.

Most bioreactors and culture vessels are designed to optimize the cell culture process. Aucteq Biosystems provides a culture vessel which combines process optimization with advantages for the employees who are working with cell cultures on a daily bases. Our system reduces trivial working steps so the personnel can focus on potentially more important process steps.

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Website address: https://www.bio-pro.de/en/service/details