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300MICRONS produces microthermoformed polymer films with various geometries. Typical sizes for thermoformed microcavities are in the range of 300 μm. These microcavities are typically arranged in arrays, resulting in the housing of about 10.000 to 500.000 cells per well of a standard 96-well plate, depending on the desired cell number of the assay.

Advantages of polymer film microcavity arrays are
• Organotypic culture of various cell lines and primary cells such as stem cells
• Uniform adherent or non-adherent 3D-aggregates
• Generate more than 16.000 spheroids per 96-well plate
• Functionalized surfaces as defined interfaces to control cell growth,
adhesion, cell morphology & differentiation
• Improved extraction from the cell culture device for subsequent R&D
steps due to the needlessness of a cell culture matrix
• Excellent microscopic image quality due to polymer film thickness of
only several microns
• Adherent cellular aggregates in microcavity arrays that possess defined
positions, thereby making them ideal for automated microsocopic analysis, such as time lapse series in High-Content-/High-Throughput-analysis
• Easy manual or robotic usability due to standard dimensions

In addition to multiwell plate formats we are able to manufacture a wide range of custom polymer film microcavity arrays with a wide range of geometries and materials.

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