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myPOLS Biotec GmbH

myPOLS Biotec is specialised on DNA polymerases, reagents, applications and services thereof.
Our expertise for you:

Having worked in the field of DNA and RNA polymerases for decades, we offer our expertise to you! Our expertise is in polymerase assay designs and engineering of DNA polymerases with new properties. We are continuously exploring new approaches and applications. We will help to establish your experiments using our wide knowledge. With our acces to large libraries of different mutated polymerases and high-throughput screenings we can find the best polymerase for your needs.
We can:

• ASSIST you with your assay design
• OPTIMIZE your special application with custom-made DNA polymerases
• SHAPE and ENGINEER polymerases to fulfill your assay needs
• DNA polymerases – 100% made in Konstanz

All myPOLS Biotec DNA polymerases and their ready-to-use mixes are produced in-house, in our laboratories in Konstanz. We are exclusively using certified suppliers in Germany for components of our products such as ultrapure dNTPs and buffer reagents. Our production is freely scalable from a few milliliters up to several liters of expression cultures yielding up to milligrams of DNA polymerases.
Expressed and purified DNA polymerase batches are routinely tested for their purity, activity, and potential contaminations. All myPOLS products must pass specified quality tests, before they are offered for sale. Hereby we are testing for purity, activity, functionality and for contaminations of each product-lot.

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Further information on the websites of BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg:

Website address: https://www.bio-pro.de/en/service/details