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IBT - Immunological and Biochemical Testsystems GmbH

ibt- Immunological and Biochemical Testsystems GmbH
ibt develops, manufactures and distributes immunological reagents: recombinant proteins
and antibodies (e.g. infectious diseases, transcription research, hormones, enzymes, growth
factors and cytokines). A new focus is on development, manufacturing and distribution of immunoas-say kits for Insulin-like Growth Factors (IGF‘s) and Insulin-like Growth
Factor Binding Proteins (IGFBP‘s) and related molecules. Biotinylated IGF‘s and IGFBP´s
are available as well as a custom biotinylation service. Applications of biotinylated IGF´s (and
other peptides) are in western-ligand blottting, ELISA, protease assays, IHC, immunoprecipitation, cross-linking, cell sorting, immunohistochemistry and experimental cell therapy.
A new research focus is on tissue engineering. ibt partcicipates in the BIOSCENT project within the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme. For details see: http://bioscent.eu/
In this project ELISA kits have been developed for the detection of SDF-1 alpha
in human, rat and mouse samples.

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