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BioCopy GmbH

BioCopy is a spin-off of the University of Freiburg and winner of Elevator Pitch BW 2015. At the moment we are on the edge of leaving the University, building a Start-Up – looking for investors, money and partners.

But what is BioCopy? Basically we are the inventors of a Biomolecule Copier. Just imagine a photocopier, but instead using colors – we use DNA, instead of paper – we use glass slides and instead of ink – we apply standard biochemistry like PCR or cell-free expression. The biomolecule copying process, which we optimize and apply at the moment will open up a complete new world in biochemistry with dozens of new applications and hundreds of old simply improved – improved by a factor of 10 in speed and a 100 in terms of throughput. All realized in a palm sized copier generating thousands of DNA pixels on the size of a thumbnail, which then can be ana- lysed all in parallel label-free for binding interactions. The label-free detection system was developed in close collaboration with Biametrics (Tübingen).

Our applications? Many, but at the moment we focus on two – immune2day and AptaSWIFT. AptaSWIFT will replace SELEX, by being 5x cheaper, 10x faster and 100x hits, simply replacing old technology. But our most charming application is immune2day. Imagine that you take the DNA of a virus, copy it in our device into according proteins and simply add a drop of blood of a sur- vivor. What will happen? The antibodies providing immunity and protection against the virus will bind to distinct pixels of protein – each of these pixels is a potential vaccine candidate – found in 2 days. Nice, isn‘t it?

So have a look on our homepage for career opportunities and updates.

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Further information on the websites of BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg:

Website address: https://www.bio-pro.de/en/service/details