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Bioassay Labor für biologische Analytik GmbH

Bioassay – Bioanalytical Contract Laboratory Profile

Bioassay GmbH is an independent bioanalytical contract laboratory, specializing in the development, validation and routine performance of bioanalytical assays in the area of Pharmacology and Toxicology. We carry out qualified analytical services on the sound basis of our GMP & GLP certification, which provides an excellent framework for successful projects and routine bioanalysis. Key global players as well as start-up companies in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries trust in the experience and dedication of our bioanalytical experts.

Bioassay GmbH is specialized in the development, validation and execution of biological assays within the framework of Development & Quality Control of pharmaceutical and chemical products. Our portfolio contains 4 focus areas: BioPharma Potency, BioPharma Efficacy, BioPharma Safety & Chemicals / Cosmetics Safety. In our in-vivo and in-vitro facilities we are running state-of-the-art-equipment and our analytical experts will wel- come you to visit us in our laboratories located directly in the Heidelberg Technology Park (Germany).

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Website address: https://www.bio-pro.de/en/service/details