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Novalung GmbH was founded in 2002 with the aim of developing new therapeutic options for patients with acute and chronic lung failure.
In addition to a development and production division, the company also has a clinical team that boasts experience in intensive care medicine and supports the clinical application of new products. Development and production is carried out exclusively in Germany.
The first product line to receive the CE mark is an artificial lung, which is supplied with blood from the human heart and takes care of the mechanical aspects of respiration, i.e. CO2 elimination (Interventional Lung Assist - iLA).
Another product is due to start being used in clinical settings from 2006. In a further area of application, the Biolung is even set to make it possible to replace the exchange of gas in the lungs.
In addition to these therapeutic approaches, Novalung’s product portfolio also includes membrane lungs, vessel portals and devices for monitoring the flow of blood.

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