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ALPRO is one of the world’s leading specialists for the cleaning, maintenance and disinfection of dental aspiration systems (AlproJet-D, AlproJet-DD, AlproJet-W) with and without amalgam separator. Aldehyde-free products are a matter of course for us, such as the longtime tried-and-tested ALPRO products MinutenSpray-classic and MinutenWipes for the quick surface disinfection or the all-purpose product BIB forte eco (bath for burrs and instruments) for the disinfection and cleaning of all instruments, as well as PlastiSept eco for the sensitive alcohol-free surface disinfection of all surfaces in the medical practice.

Furthermore, ALPRO is a global leader in the research and development of products for removing biofilm and decontamination of procedural water in dental units. By means of the BRS® (Biofilm Removing System) and Alpron/Bilpron, drinking water quality is achieved and preserved in dental units. To maintain this standard which is necessary for the dental practice, the BCS (BottleCareSystem) – an independent procedural water supply system – is available for the connection to the dental unit.
The application of WL-clean, WL-cid and WL-dry enables the user to easily solve the problem of soiling (e. g. protein) and contamination on the inner surfaces of transmission instruments and at the same time to extend longevity of the valuable instruments.

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