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Agrano GmbH & Co. KG

AGRANO GmbH & Co. KG is a manufacturing company in the field of biotechnology. As early as 1995, it started up its first pilot fermentation plant with 3,000 l capacity. Since 1997, the company has been producing yeast-based and lactobacilli-based specialities for the food and pharmaceutical industries in a 75,000 l fermenter.

Fermentations are carried out under strictly sterile conditions, which makes it possible to cultivate other micro-organisms at the same time without any risk.

AGRANO is able to provide ideal conditions for the scale-up of biotechnological processes.Because it processes fermenters for aerobic and anaerobic processes with capacities of 20 l, 3,000 l and 75,000 l fermentations can be carried out on laboratory, pilot or commercial scales. The company capabilities also include product development ranging from technical samples to end product size. And because infrastructure and plant space are available for additional production lines, AGRANO is also able to undertake contract production following the development phase.

Equipment - such as various sizes of clarifying centrifuges and rotary vacuum filters - is already in place for downstream processes, an other apparatus can be added as needed.

AGRANO has highly qualified team including specialists in microbiology, biochemistry, process engineering and biotechnology. The R&D Department co-operates with several European universities. Over the past two years the company has undertaken, and in some cases completed, joint projects with partners in the food, pharmaceutical and process equipment industries. At present AGRANO has capacity available to enter into further cooperation agreements.

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