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HOT Screen GmbH

1996 by Dr. M. Schmolz (biologist/ immunology; general manager)

5 employees (3 acad., 2 techn.)

Core business
1. Contract research:
- drug effects on the human immune system in vitro/ex vivo, including extensive functional drug candidate profiling (multiplex read-out systems)
- immuno-toxicological effects in vitro
2. Contract development of cellular/noncellular diagnostic systems
3. Consultancy in clinical trials

Developments / products / techniques:
1. Organo-typical, human whole-blood cultures for pharmacology and toxicology (excellent relevance, high predictive value of data); cultures of isolated leukocytes still available
2. Development of human co-culture systems to test substance activities (vascular endothelium, smooth muscle cells, vaginal mucosa, gut epithelia, skin)
3. Patented whole-blood system to test drugs effects on immune cell function in clinical trials
4. Production: human endothelial cells (HUVECs) and venous smooth muscle cells
5. Development of highly sensitive and specific diagnostic tools (e.g.: fluorescence,
fluorescence-polarisation, luminescence)

Dr. M. Schmolz

Biotech CompaniesAnalytics, Bioinformatics, Proteins/Peptides, Therapeutics, Contract Research & Development, Cells/Cell Lines

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