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KyooBe Tech GmbH

KyooBe Tech connects worlds: With its multidisciplinary team, the young start-up combines a wide variety of perspectives on manufacturing processes in the pharmaceutical industry and stands for state-of-the-art robotics, automation and biotech perspectives.
One focus of a first developed product line is in the field of vaccine production. So far, toxic chemicals, e.g. formaldehyde, have been used to inactivate vaccines, which then have to be removed and disposed of at great expense. KyooBe instead uses a new innovative approach that uses low-energy electron beams to inactivate the viruses in liquid. The use of the device is conceivable not only in the field of vaccine production, but also in other areas where inactivation and thus rendering harmless pathogens is necessary. Another possible application is the treatment of liquid process media, which is gentle on germ reduction, which has so far been carried out via sterile filtration or gamma sterilization.

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