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Hain Lifescience GmbH

Hain Lifescience GmbH is based in Nehren, in the district of Tübingen, and develops, manufactures and distributes molecular genetic diagnostic test systems and instruments for laboratories. With these tests systems definite statements can be made, for example about the presence of pathogens such as MRSA, tuberculosis bacteria and their antibiotic drug resistances as well as risk factors for various hereditary diseases. The company was originally founded by David and Tobias Hain in 1986 as a mail order company offering laboratory supplies. Today more than 100 employees work at the headquarters in Nehren. Hain Lifescience has subsidiaries in Spain, United Kingdom, France, South Africa and Kenya as well as a global distribution network.

Biotech Companies, Medtech Companies, In-vitro Diagnostics, Articles of Daily Use, DNA/RNA, Proteins/Peptides, Microbiology, Diagnostics, Devices, Laboratory Supplies/Reagents

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