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Health Data Scenarios

Shaping the future of health data

Data generated by the healthcare system has enormous potential for improving the quality of patient-centered care. As part of the Health Data Scenarios project, Basel Area Business & Innovation worked with numerous experts from industry and academia in 2020 to develop ten scenarios of what future health data ecosystems could look like. These scenarios are now being discussed and validated together with experts and opinion leaders from Baden-Württemberg and Switzerland. BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg is providing support as a project partner.

Pooling competencies – pushing innovations. The use of data, whether from research and development, the healthcare industry or healthcare provision, can lead to a wide range of innovations in the healthcare system that will benefit patients. Access, exchange, use and networking of this data are an important prerequisite. All players in the healthcare system need to work together to push this forward. This includes patients, healthcare providers, payers, technology providers, life sciences companies and research institutes.

Together with a consortium of experts and opinion leaders from Baden-Württemberg and Switzerland, the Health Data Scenarios that were developed in 2020 will be scrutinised as part of a transnational dialogue and the challenges analysed in order to define measures that contribute to a sustainable data ecosystem.

In 2021, three workshops looked into the scenarios from different points of view: Life Sciences, Research and Big Tech (1st Workshop), Healthcare Providers and Payers (2nd Workshop) and Start-ups, Investors and Health Tech (3rd Workshop).

In 2022, a series of workshops called "Health Data Futures" aims to provide concrete recommendations for the health data ecosystem in Europe in terms of Framework Conditions required for accelerating digital health innovation. The state of the art of health data including ongoing developments and implementations in the tech industry and academic world will be inquired and concret gaps and designing potential areas of cooperation to develop the appropriate framework conditions for digital health innovation will be identified.

  • Workshop 1: Challenges Facing the Health Data Future in June
    1. Identify challenges associated with future scenarios
    2. Identify existing solutions & initiatives for these challenges
  • Workshop 2: Innovation Gaps in the future of health in September
    1. Recognize the gaps associated with the challenges
    2. Identify gaps common to the most realistic scenarios
  • Workshop 3: Validate the gaps to be identified in solutions in November

In 2023, based on these findings, a framework will be created for cooperatives to advance the framework of the health data ecosystem in Europe.

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Health Data Scenarios Project Report

In 2020, more than 50 experts developed ten scenarios of what future health data ecosystems could look like. These scenarios were summarized in the report "Shaping the health data future - the DayOne Scenarios."

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The digitization of healthcare is progressing slowly but steadily. In addition to simple telemedical applications, data such as electronic patient records are forming the basis of digitization. The Swiss ‘Health Data Scenarios’ project aims to model the future of healthcare data by using scenarios. Lucas Scherdel, Healthcare Innovation Director at DayOne, a Basel Area Business & Innovation initiative, and Dr. Alexander Fink, founder and CEO of ScMI AG, explain in an interview with Dr. Ariane Pott of BIOPRO how this will work.

Website address: https://www.bio-pro.de/en/projects/healthcare-industry/health-data-scenarios