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Press releases

Here you can find detailed information about BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg’s activities.

  • Press release - 16/06/2010

    The Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum receives funding to build a network for "Bio-active plant ingredients” in Baden-Wuerttemberg from the "Central Innovation programme SME - ZIM" under the funding module NEMO of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology. BIOPRO Baden-Wuerttemberg GmbH supports the network as one of the partners.

  • Press release - 17/05/2010

    Informative entertaining and interactive is how Baden-Württemberg is seeking to present itself to visitors to the EXPO in Shanghai which takes place from 1st May to 31st October. On behalf of the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Economic Affairs and in cooperation with a number of Baden-Württemberg ministries and institutions the 3D stereo film Our ideas for a better life in the city was created by BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg who was responsible for…

  • Press release - 14/01/2010

    RNA molecules are the mobile messengers of genes. They carry information on the production of proteins from the DNA to the ribosomes. In addition to these messenger RNAs all living beings have micro RNAs that can hinder the messenger RNAs and thus the production of proteins. Biologists at the University of Freiburg, Germany, around Lecturer Dr. Wolfgang Frank und Professor Dr. Ralf Reski from the Chair Plant Biotechnology have discovered that…

  • Press release - 03/12/2009

    1000 creative minds from all over the world gathered in Ludwigsburg and Stuttgart (Germany) between 30th November and 3rd December 2009 at the Creativity World Forum. The technology initiatives from Baden-Württemberg, brought together by BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg, served to introduce the participants to the world of high technology. In the virtual technology centre, BIOPRO impressively demonstrated how collaboration between several high…

  • Press release - 05/11/2009

    At a Canadian-German partnering event held on 29th October 2009 in Stuttgart, a number of Canadian and German companies presented themselves to an audience of representatives from industry, business associations and politics. The partnering event was jointly organised by the Canadian Consulate and BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg.

  • Press release - 09/10/2009

    BIOTECHNICA 2009 which took place in Hanover Germany from 6th to 8th October 2009 featured the seminal motto Turning ideas into value. The exhibition programme was rounded off by numerous talks and plenary discussions held at the joint Baden-Württemberg booth.

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