• Press release - 24-May-2016

    About 20 participants from industry and politics attended the first kick-off meeting of the Special Interest Group (SIG) for Biopolymers/Bioplastics which was recently held in Stuttgart. Also present were representatives from research institutes that are focused on biopolymers and could thus make an important contribution to the discussions.

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San Francisco/California (USA)

Together with 25 other biotech companies, BIOPRO will be exhibiting at the German Pavilion. Have a visit at booth 1005.02. The BIOPRO will offer facts and figures about the healthcare industry in Baden-Wuerttemberg and other BIOPRO services. See more what Baden-Wuerttemberg has to offer.

Latest Dossier - 18.04.2016

Epigenetics, i.e. the inheritance of traits that does not involve a change in the DNA sequence, was once a controversial subject that has since become a central focus of biological research. Epigenetic inheritance is now studied by numerous national and international research programmes. Many cellular regulatory and differentiation processes are controlled by epigenetic mechanisms that take place on different levels, including the DNA, histone, nucleosome and chromatin folding levels.

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Setting up an independent company is an excellent opportunity to turn innovative ideas into marketable products and services. As a professional partner and expert in life sciences company foundations, we offer a comprehensive support service.

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The world of microorganisms is still largely unknown. Researchers such as Kai Sohn from the Fraunhofer IGB in Stuttgart are working on decoding, analysing and gradually gaining a better understanding of the microbial genome. In their search for new enzymes and other biomolecules, both biotechnologists and pharmacologists are interested in micoorganisms, and physicians are hoping that detailed insights into the microbial genome will lead to the development of more rapid methods for diagnosing infectious diseases.

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Chemical model systems can be used to study the processes of plant photosynthesis with the goal of tapping sunlight as a source for covering the energy needs of the future. Researchers from Ulm have now developed an artificial leaf based on a manganese-vanadium oxide catalyst which can effectively carry out the critical photocatalytic reaction of splitting water molecules into hydrogen ions and molecular oxygen.

... Bioeconomy BW

BBW ForWerts, the graduate programme within Baden-Württemberg’s strategic Bioeconomy Research Programme, offers PhD students a three-year interdisciplinary curriculum to work on their own research project and gain insights into other bioeconomy-related research priorities. The interdisciplinary approach, which also includes working with industrial partners and research institutions, provides students with the knowledge required for making the structural shift to a sustainable biobased economy and dealing with the associated challenges.

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