Latest Dossier - 14.06.2016

The number of publications and patents that involve the CRISPR/Cas system has been increasing exponentially since the technique was first described a few years ago. The increase in funding for projects involving CRISPR/Cas also demonstrates how powerful this new method is. The targeted modification of genomes (also called gene editing or genome editing) using CRISPR/Cas is extraordinarily accurate and also has the potential to cure hereditary diseases. However, the benefits of genome editing raise ethical concerns and involve risks that need to be taken seriously.

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The digitalisation of industry affects the entire value chain. From individual products to digitising workflows in companies and connecting companies with clients and service providers via the Internet of Things – Industry 4.0 makes completely new manufacturing processes possible and requires new and specific business models.

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Teva is investing heavily in its biotechnological production site in Ulm. On behalf of BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg, Walter Pytlik spoke with Dr. Hermann Allgaier, CEO of Teva Biotech, about the importance of biotechnology for the Group and about Teva in general. The company is headquartered in Israel.

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Trees do not just provide timber, they can also be harnessed for construction without the need to cut them down. The term Baubotanik, Living Plant Construction in English, refers to combining modern materials with tree shaping. It shows how a new kind of architecture allows trees to continue growing when joined to temporary steel structures. It uses new design techniques, is climate friendly and of practical use.

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Accidental oil spills such as those following oil disasters need to be cleaned up as quickly as possible. Researchers from the KIT in Karlsruhe have now developed an environmentally friendly process that can eliminate oil spills effectively. Nanofur is a material that imitates the fine hairs of aquatic ferns and is capable of absorbing large amounts of oil within a relatively short time.

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