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Location marketing

As representatives of Baden-Württemberg, we also represent the state’s excellent research institutions and companies on both the national and international level on issues relating to biotechnology, medical technology, pharma and bioeconomy.

Use the following BIOPRO platforms to increase your visibility

  • Profiles of researchers and companies on our topic-specific Internet portals, in both English and German
  • The Biotech Guide (published in English)
  • The electronic MedTech Guide (published in German and English)
  • The company database (available in German and English)
  • Participation in joint exhibition booth

We research and publish data, facts and figures about Baden-Württemberg

Please contact us!

Our specialist online portals

The online editorial team of BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg works with freelance editors to publish exciting stories and news about R&D activities in companies and research institutions. The topics we cover: biotechnology, medical technology, pharma and bioeconomy in Baden-Württemberg. This could provide a good complement to your own press & media work. Do you have an interesting topic you would like us to write about? Please contact our editor-in-chief or send an e-mail to redaktion(at)bio-pro.de.


Databases and publications

Our well-structured and categorised databases and publications get your company noticed by potential customers, partners and experts. These databases and publications are available to all companies active in R& D and production with headquarters or subsidiaries in Baden-Württemberg. Please contact the BIOPRO team for inclusion of your company in the Biotech Guide or the electronic Medtech Guide.

Our database on research institutions in Baden-Württemberg is currently being developed. You can find an overview on the current status in our reseach institutes database.

Website address: https://www.bio-pro.de/en/service/location-marketing