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Virtual Roadshow: AI in Health Care and Medical Technologies


10.30 am - 05.20 pm
free of charge
Target group
Research groups and companies interested in artificial intelligence in the area of health, medtech, biotech and pharma
Baden-Württemberg International
BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg GmbH
Baden-Württemberg International
Gisa Siegmund
Leiterin des Bereichs Cluster & Start-ups
Phone: +49 (0) 711 22787 67
E-mail: gisa.siegmund(at)bw-i.de

Informative panel discussions and inspiring keynotes from science and business promise new information and contacts.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the key technology of the future and is increasingly being used in science and business, including in the health sector. As one of the leading AI and healthcare regions in Germany, Europe and the world, Baden-Württemberg is attractive to researchers and enterprises from all over the world.

Baden-Württemberg is already a pioneer for AI in healthcare today and continues to strengthen its role as Germany's innovation engine. Numerous outstanding examples made in Baden-Württemberg demonstrate the potential THE LÄND has to offer.

What to expect:

Not only the international focus but also the science and/or business backgrounds enable our speakers to provide an insight into best practice and state-of-the-art solutions, as well as latest research approaches. Informative panel discussions and inspiring keynotes therefore cover the broad spectrum of AI in health care and medical technologies. Following the keynotes and presentations of the AI ecosystem of the participating countries, three thematic sessions will cover the following topics simultaneously:

  • AI in research for health diagnosis and prevention / AI in systems medicine
  • Ethics, data protection and data security in AI-based health care technology
  • Human-machine interaction in medical technologies (Robotics and Neurotechnologies)

The virtual Roadshow organised by BW_i and BIOPRO connects leading AI and healthcare experts from Baden-Württemberg/Germany with international partners from the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Switzerland. This is a unique opportunity to generate new contacts and dive deep into topics around AI solutions for Science and Research and Business in Health Care and Medical Technologies. Register now for free.

Website address: https://www.bio-pro.de/en/events/virtual-roadshow-ai-health-care-and-medical-technologies